• “Vigilant Vitality: Mastering the Art of Early Detection in Prostate Health”

    Dear Reader, Get ready for a game-changer! Our new newsletter, “Early Alert: Nurturing Prostate Health that is here to guide you on a journey to better health. We’re excited to help you take charge of your wellbeing, especially when it comes to looking…

  • A special Appeal to Ladies

    A special Appeal to Ladies

    Besides common cancers prevalent both in male and female, ladies breast cancer is playing havoc with ladies over the age of 35 year are particularly advised to come for breast checkup on Mammography machine once in two years to the hospital. This is considered…



    Change in Bowel or bladder habits. A sore that does not heal. Unusual bleeding or discharge from any orifice of the body. Altered menstrual cycle or post coital bleeding. Swelling or lump in any part of the body/breast. Difficulty in swallowing. Change in wart…

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Healthy diet

Food is fuel for the body. Healthy food always boosts positivism and energises greatly.

Healthy Heart

A healthy heart makes things easy to do and catch maximum opportunities in life.

Healthy Mind

Brain is the master of all activities of the body. We have to add a session of Exercise or Yoga in our daily life schedule.

Healthy Lungs

Don’t be edict of smoking, drinking or any kind of bad stuffs, so that you could make yourself safe for the better future of your and your family too.


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