The hospital has a fleet of ambulances for transporting the patients to and from the hospital. One ambulance is equipped with emergency treatment facilities which is available day and night. Patients identified in free cancer detection camps are also brought free by this ambulance. One mobile primary cancer detection vehicle would also be provided shortly.

The hospital has its own Pharmacy for the convenience of the patients as well for ensuring highest standards of drugs. A team of qualified Pharmacists has been made available for smooth running of this unit. This has been found extremely useful since the hospital is located at a place from where to reach the market is little troublesome paticulary at night. The Pharmacy is functioning under the license provided by Drug Controller of M.P.

An L.P.G. based kitchen provides nutritious food to the patients and snacks to their attendants at a very reasonable cost. Food to attendants is provided on demand. Poor patients are provided free meals.

Similarly free accommodation is provided to the attendents of the poor patients. Three well constructed dormitories along with latrine bathrooms etc. are available for this purpose. Provision of separate rooms have also been made according to attendants requirements. Well furnished rooms for attendants at affordable rates would also be available shortly. A separate building for patient’s attendants with better amenities is under construction.

The hospital has got a separate 5000 KW sub-station which ensures uninterrupted power supply round the clock.

Special emphasis is given on cleanliness adding yet another striking feature in the hospital management. This as well as other arrangements have been particularly admired by visiting experts and dignitaries, besides the patients and their attendants.

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