Outdoor Patient Services

Facility for patients to attend outdoor has been provided from 9.00 A.M. to 5 P.M. from Monday to Saturday. Specialists of different fields examine the patients and get them investigated. Care is being taken to complete the necessary investigations within 24 hours and then the most appropriate treatment modality is charted out by experts in the meeting of “Tumour Board”.

Indoor Patient Services

Facility to admit  100 patients around the clock is available. Willing patients can make use of the private wards of different categories according to their paying capacity. General wards are like semi private wards. Under this novel arrangement, beds are divided into stylus cubicles to accommodate 2-4 patients per cubicle. This not only ensures intensive personal attendance, but also helps in keeping the patient’s moral up. This itself is a unique feature.

Visiting Consultants Services

A large number of visiting consultants belonging to other medical disciplines are closely associated with the hospital in part time or honorary capacity. They are called in case of acute emergencies requiring extra or additional expertise support as and when required.

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