Dhananjai Parashar
Executive director

I hereby extend a warm invitation on behalf of Para Medical institute, Bhopal to students who have passed the exam of twelfth to join our prestigious institute and become a good Para Medico. Few medical establishments can claim to have such an excellent facilities and ambience as we have , thanks to our direct linkage with Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital and Research Centre widely acclaimed as one of the best medical institutes in the country. Besides first rare infrastructure and comprehensive facilities we have the added advantages of a large galaxy of specialists teachers which is the real wealth of any institute. Our principal is young and talented capable of taking the institute to new heights.

The institute has a beautiful campus and a sprawling building with all the necessary amenities and imputes. Its scenic splendor is indeed unrivalled. We have a vary vibrant academic environment and an exemplary work culture.

I solemnly assure that we would pool all our energy and resources to provide quality oriented teaching and training so that degree,diploma,certificate holders from this institute make a distinct mark wherever they go and serve as ideal Para Medicos.

Dr Vijay Bhargava
Principal Paramedical Institute

Para Medical courses have emerged as an important wing of Medical Education.  With tremendous expansion in medical facilities and opening of new and newer horizons the demand for more and more supportive technical hands in this highly respected noble profession has increased enormously.  Technicians are backbone of any scientific discipline.  While technicians in other disciplines deal basically with instruments and tools their counterparts in medical profession have to deal with both machines and humans thereby raising its status as well as responsibilities.

It is gratifying to note that M.P. Govt. have laid great emphasis on producing good para medical staff who can handle the crucial job in a befitting manner.  We are among the few medical organizations that are better placed to impart standard teaching and purposeful training to the second line of medical force.  Ours is a comprehensive hospital.  Though it specialises in the treatment of cancers, its diagnostic facilities are of the highest order.  We have well organized fully equipped Departments of Pathology, Radiology & Imaging and Nuclear Medicine.    Some of the advanced facilities are available only in our Institute in the State.  Nuclear Medicine is most noteworthy in this context.  It is not only extremely useful in the diagnosis of number of diseases such as cancer, cardiac problems and so on and so forth also plays a significant role in treatment also.  We are the first institute in the country to introduce Radio-guided surgery based on Nuclear Medicine.

Our Spiral CT is latest and most sophisticated in Bhopal.  Our diagnostic facilities are so  multi-dimensional that they almost cover all the diseases. The hospital’s therapeutic facilities are equally sophisticated and quality oriented.  We have a well-knit team of highly qualified and experienced Consultants belonging to all the necessary disciplines.

The Para Medical Institute in fact is the extension of the hospital’s network.  Para Medical students would be lucky to have access to our rich academic and technical assets and traditions.  I am confident that they would have best of time and opportunities in this Institute.

Courses Offered at Paramedical Institute

  • M.M.L.T. in (2 year PG course)
  • B.M.L.T. (3 year Degree course)
  • B.X.R.T. (3 year Degree course)
  • D.M.L.T. (2 year Diploma course)
  • CT & MRI Technician (1 year Certificate course)
  • OT Technician (1 year Certificate course)


Admission Criteria 

S.No. Courses Duration (Years) Total Number of Seats
01 M.M.L.T. (PG) (Microbiology, Biochemistry, Histology, Haematology) 02 5 in each subject
02 B.M.L.T. (Degree) 03 50
03 B.X.R.T. (Degree) 03 50
04 D.M.L.T. (Diploma) 02 25
05 CT & MRI (Certificate) 01 50
06 OT(Certificate) 01 50